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Because every picture has a story to tell!

JULY 16, 2020 | by Tathya Macwan

Striving to create an alluring photograph with a natural feel!

Architectural photoshoots need particular mastery that perfectly defines the interior design whereas at the similar time the use of light, composition and framing and also the regularity of images must be kept in the same series.

An artistic approach is an affair of delicacy and photographers create their own view of the subject photographed. While maintaining the realism of the place, areas and subjects photographed, I spare no effort to produce an attractive photograph with an instinctive discern.


Careful framework incorporates foreground, middle ground and background, clear framing, balanced angle, functioning on artificial sources, adjustment of variations in brightness between interior and exterior, ultra-careful respect for colors and perfect time devoted to shooting and post-production all lead to alluring photoshoots with an instinctive advent.

Our images turn on bright whites and graphic composition for visually appealing effect using both natural and artificial lights to light up space. We take a collaborative reach to image-making, appraising the give and take between photographer and client that is vital to any fortunate architectural shoot. With the consistent reflecting concern of showing the property or subject to advantage and keeping with the actual intention of the architect or designer, we cater natural imagery with a narrative focus.

Why Interior photography is required?

Interior photography shoots are very collective and design aligned. One needs to spend hours meeting the client, styling and editing even. This great attention to detail permits it to demand higher rates. Well, the end goal is always to produce eye-catching and visually appealing interior photographs.

The outstanding shot portfolio images can be your best-in-class selling tool. They are crucial for showcasing your design aesthetic, alluring your ideal clients and getting your performance published.


Architectural and interior photographer based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, I work all across the world. Being a 10-year experienced professional photographer and creating meaningful photography for my valuable clients, I’ve been acknowledged in the top 3 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Also, I have been featured in highest circulated interior design international magazines “INSIDE OUTSIDE”, “NAT GEO TRAVELER” and been awarded “CEDIA AWARDS” and presented with a national award for an art piece at Lalitkala Academy. I am specialized in Cinematography, Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro realm. Being a “Lalit Kala National Academy” of Art winner, I have been winning everyone’s heart across the globe.

Why choose Tathya Macwan?

We believe in honesty, integrity and perfection in whatever we perform. Our major objective lies in creating beautiful branding and delivering stunning interior design photos that complement and elevate the designer’s work. We capture photos and films with outstanding quality features throughout the globe. Additionally, we facilitate editing characteristics to make photos and videos fascinating.

So, are you ready to get started with us?